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This compact playset with its 40” x 40” Platform that stands 4' High, is great for small backyards. There is a lot of fun packed into this playset. It has an 8' Wave Slide, 4' Access Ladder and a Rockwall. On the 2 Position 7' High Swing beam are 2 Belt Swings. Covering the platform is a Heavy-Duty tarp roof.

Other Details

Platform Height: 4'
Platform Dimensions: 40” x 40”
Overall Foot Print: 11' x 13'
Area Needed: 23' x 25'
Border: 96'
Wood Mulch: 7 Cu. Yd.
Rubber Mulch: 2.5 Tons

Product Features

Heavy-Duty Corner Braces

Our heavy-duty stainless steel corner braces provide extra support for the main frame of the structure, and keep the swingset sturdy for years of reliable and safe use.

Pressure-Treated Lumber

Inside the durable vinyl sleeves is pressure-treated lumber. We use pressure-treated lumber because it provides the strength of wood in a maintenance-free vinyl exterior.

Poly Lumber

We use poly boards for our floors, rock walls, and slats. Poly is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled. It doesn’t rot, splinter, or need to be painted or stained.

Heavy-Duty Swing Bearings

Our heavy-duty swing bearings are stainless steel and make for smooth, squeak-free swinging and gliding. Plus, stainless steel won't rust or weaken in the elements.

Swing Set Slide Options

Wave Slide

Available in green only

8' for 4' platform 

Swing Set Swing Options

Belt Swing

Available in blue, green, yellow or red

Available with & without soft grip chain 

Swing Set Fun Components

No Options Listed

Swing Set Swing Beams & Roofs

Rugged Tarp Roof

Colors: Green, Blue or Red

Swing Set Climber Options

No Options Listed

Swing Set Finishing Touches

No Options Listed

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