Cubby's Fort - Amish - Swing Sets For Kids


Cubby's Fort - Amish


Towers:  4' x 4' Play Deck w/ 5' Deck Height
Slides:  10' Waterfall Slide
Climbers:  5' Rock Climbing Wall / Ladder Combo
Roof Type:  Plastic
Swing Bar:  3-Position Monkey Bar
Rides:  Belt Swing, Trapeze Bar, Plastic Glider
Fun Accessories:  Telescope, Ship's Wheel, Checkerboard Sandbox Cover

Other Details

Border Needed:  86 Linear Ft.
Rubber Mulch Needed:  1.5 Tons
Wood Mulch Needed:  5 Cu. Yds.
Weed Guard Needed:  450 Sq. Ft.
Total Space Needed:  18' x 25'
Total Height: 10' 11"

Swing Set Slide Options

Waterfall Slide

The classic slide.

Available in 5’ deck heights only.

Avalanche Slide

Sturdy and great for younger children.

Available in 5’, 6’, and 7’ deck heights.

Turbo Tube Slide

Twirly fun.

Available in 7’ and 9’ deck heights.

Tunnel Express Slide

The fastest slide.

Available in 5’, 7’, and 9’ deck heights.

Sidewinder Slide

Flexible placement options.

Available in 5’, 7’, and 9’ deck heights.

Super Spiral Slide

Made in Lancaster County.

Available in 5’, 6’, 7’, and 9’ deck heights.

Ball Pit Blast

Connects from 7’ deck height to ball pit.

Swing Set Swing Options

Belt Swing

The classic swing.

Trapeze Bar

Perfect for the acrobats.

Bucket Swing

The classic baby swing.

Deluxe Toddler Swing

Made in Lancaster, PA.

Buoy Ball

Unique, swinging fun.

Buoy Ball / Trapeze Combo

Perfect for little monkeys!

2 Rope Tire Swing

Fun to sit or stand on.

3 Rope Tire Swing

Perfect for under large towers.

Plastic Glider

Fun for one, more fun with two!

Hammock Swing

Mom approved.

4 Rope Tire Swing

Great for lots of kids.

Daisy Disc

Sit or stand on this ride.

Swing Set Fun Accessories

Fireman's Pole

Steering Wheel

Ship's Wheel





Bubble Panel



Tea Table & Chairs

Tea Table & Chairs

Ball Pit with 1500 Balls

Picnic Table

4’ or 6’ table.

Available loose & built in.

Swing Set Swing Beam

3 Position Beam

The classic swing beam.

8’ standard beam or 10’ high beam.

*10’ high beams only available on 6’ deck heights or taller*

Perpendicular Monkey Bar

Perpendicular monkey bars can be added to a 3 position 8’ or 10’ swing beam.

3 Position Monkey Bar

Great for swinging and climbing.

8’ tall.

Only available on 5’ deck heights.

2 Position Cross Beam

Space saving

4 Positon Beam

Great for hammocks.

8’ standard beam or 10’ high beam.

*10’ high beams only available on 6’ deck heights or taller*

4 Position Monkey Bar

Gain an additional swing position.

8’ tall.

Only available on 5’ deck heights.

Swing Set Rooftop Options

Fabric Roof

Budget friendly

Plastic Roof

Durable and cute with a shingled look.

Poly Roof

Classic look

Swing Set Tower Options

2x2 Tower

Space saving for the small yard.

4x4 Playdeck

5’ Deck Height

4x6 Tower

A nice upgrade. 4x4 base with 2' balcony.

4x8 Double Deck

5’ & 7’ Deck Height

4x8 Split Level Deck

5' & 6' Deck Height

6x8 Double Deck Playhouse Tower

5’ & 7’ Deck Height

6x8 Double Deck

5’ & 7’ Deck Height

Triple Cascade

5’, 7’, and 9’ tall towers

6x8 Playdeck

5’ Deck Height

Rails Around Bottom Deck

Perfect for adding flair to the set.

Decking Under Tower

Great for chairs, tables, or outside toys.

Swing Set Tower Connectors

Wobbly Bridge

Wobbly, bouncy fun!

Available in 8'


Add a bit of challenge.

Available in 3’ and 6’

Solid Bridge

Versatile and safe.

Available in 6’, 8’, 10’, and 12’

Swing Set Climber Options

Full Width Rock Climbing Wall

Build strength and coordination.

Full Width Cargo Net

A fun climber variant.


Space saving and efficient.

Rockwall / Ladder Combo

Space saving combo


Friendly for all ages.


Perfect for little children.

Only available with 5’ deck.

Available with Poly Railings.

Swing Set Finishing Touches

Recycled Rubber Mulch

• Exceptional shock absorbancy
• Reduced risk of playground injuries
• Minimal Maintenance
• Dries quickly after rain
• Will not decompose
• Will not fade
• Non-Staining
• Non-toxic
• Does not freeze
• 99 Steel Free
• Colors: Blue, Brown, Green, Black, & Red

Rubber mulch provides superior fall protection. Send them out to play with peace of mind.

Wood Mulch

For a traditional play area, we also offer wood mulch. Enjoy a play area like you had when you were a kid!


Keep your play area neat and tidy with our flexible plastic edging that looks like real stone and installs quickly and easily.

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